The Scout Uniform

The Scout Uniform

Why do Scouts wear a uniform?

The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. The uniforms help create a sense of belonging. They symbolize character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth a sense of identification and commitment.

Personal equality

The uniform represents a democratic idea of equality, bringing people of different backgrounds together in the Scouting tradition.


The uniform identifies youth and adult members of the Boy Scouts of America, visible as a force for good in the community. When properly worn, the uniform can build good unit spirit.


The uniform shows the wearer’s activity, responsibility, and achievement. The accomplishments of every youth and adult member can be recognized by the insignia worn on the uniform.

Personal commitment

The uniform is a constant reminder to all members of their commitment to the ideals and purpose of the Scouting movement. It is a way of making visible members’ commitment to a belief in God, loyalty to country, and helping others at all times.

The Cub Scout uniform has the following parts:


The official uniform shirt is available with long or short sleeves and has button-flap pockets and “Boy Scouts of America” lettered in gold above the right pocket.

Trousers or shorts

Official blue.


Official navy-blue web belt with metal buckle and Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, or Webelos Scout emblem.


Official socks are available in three lengths: ankle, crew, and knee. Tiger Cubs’ socks are navy blue with orange tops. Cub Scouts’ socks are navy blue with gold tops.


Official navy-blue cap with orange front panel and tiger cub emblem for Tiger Cubs; yellow panel and wolf emblem for Wolf Cub Scouts; blue panel and bear emblem for Bear Cub Scouts. Webelos Scouts wear an olive cap with a plain panel bearing the Webelos logo.


Triangular neckerchief is orange with navy-blue trim for Tiger Cubs, gold with navy-blue trim for Wolf Cub Scouts, light blue with navy-blue trim for Bear Cub Scouts, and plaid for Webelos Scouts. Official BSA neckerchiefs are the only neckerchiefs that boys should wear. Packs should not make their own pack neckerchiefs.

Neckerchief slide

Official gold-tone metal slide with the Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos Scout logo. Boys may wear handmade neckerchief slides.

Uniform Guides

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Tiger-Uniform-Guide     Wolf-Uniform-Guide     Bear-Uniform-Guide     Webelos-Uniform-Guide1

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