Closing Flag Ceremony



Leader: “Color Guard, Attention”

Leader: “Audience, Please Rise”

Wait for everyone to stand.

Leader: “Color Guard, Forward March”

The Color Guard goes to the front of the room and stands next to the flags, with the same number at each flag.

Leader: “Color Guard, Halt”

Leader: “Scout Salute.  Those not in uniform, please place your right hand over your heart”

Leader: “Color Guard, Retrieve the Colors”

The Flag Bearer and guards walk to the corresponding flag stand.

The American Flag is retrieved first.  The Color Guard removes the flags from their stands and stand at attention.

Leader: “Color Guard, Forward March”

The Color Guard exits the room, the Flag Bearer carrying the American Flag should be no less than one pace ahead of the bearer carrying the pack flag.

Continue when the Color Guard reached the back of the room.

Leader: “Color Guard, Halt”

Leader: “TWO. Color Guard dismissed.”

Everyone stops saluting.  The Flag Bearers immediately and properly put the flags away, adult assistance may be required.

**The leader can be a member of the den (preferred), a Den Chief, or an adult leader.

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